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Lazy, uneducated students share a very close bond.They live together in the dormitory, where they plan their latest pranks.

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Another aspect of this might be the fact that despite being a Chaste Hero Ranma went on more dates than all the other teenagers combined. "I thought up the perfect strategy. Archives: Famous Toons : Porn Games : Incest Toons : Celebrity Toons 15 pics of Bart Simpson forbidden sex 5 pics of Lusty joungle queen with big tits was fucked hard by black wildman 15 pics of Snowwhite and dwarfs orgy 1 vids of Aladdin. His main motivation for being a secret agent seems to mostly be so he can travel the world getting drunk and bedding women. But Star is incapable of using the most basic magic, because she found it too boring to bother learning. Something she does on a regular basis. Also in Dilbert, Word of God says the smartest person in the strip is Dilbert's garbageman. However, he believes the real world does not meet his standards, so he shuns it in favor of dating sims. Twister in Rocket Power, while certainly a Book Dumb Cloudcuckoolander Ditz, can be a surprisingly effective captain for his friends, coming up with brilliant plays and training techniques. In Swing High, Swing Low, Skid is a brilliant trumpet player but doesn't have any ambition whatsoever. The strip ends with him failing to catch the crooks, ending up in hospital, and being arrested for cruelty to the dolphin. Roger Wilco from Space Quest might be considered this as he is extremely resourceful and inventive but is also extremely squeamish and begins his very first adventure by waking up from a nap he took during his work shift. Fan Works Kyon was this trope in Kyon: Big Damn Hero.

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